the Mediterranean Diet…tried and true…

Not every client wants to lose weight.  My hope is that their main goal is to treat their bodies well and be open to the notion of eating WHOLE, ORGANIC FOOD, more PLANTS than animals, and cut out refined SUGAR all together, so that they discover THEIR PERSONAL ideal weight, decrease chance of chronic inflammatory diseases such as obesity, CHD, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, improve energy, sleep and mood.  While I don’t believe we all need to have the same EXACT diet (that’s just silly as we are all built and wired differently – metabolism, fitness levels, weight/height, sensitivities, gender, age), I do believe that there are philosophies around the foods we should eat MORE of as well as those we should eat LESS of that apply to everyone and the Mediterranean Diet is one that I can say with confidence IS a sustainable way of eating and living which is not the case for many extreme type of diets.

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